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Deploying Swiggle Screen Cover

This is a follow on to my article on setting Swiggle as the default search provider in chrome.

Swiggle Screen Cover is an extension for Chrome that gives pupils a button to cover the website. Teachers can then view a report to see which site they covered and report it to Swiggle.

As before I need to deploy it to a whole school network at once which is best achieved through Group Policy.

If you haven't already head got the ADMX Templates for Chrome installed head over to Chrome's support site and grab a copy of them.

Deploying the Extension

Getting the extension out to the clients is actually pretty easy with the ADMX templates. You only need 2 peices of information about the extension, its ID and where to update it from. For Swiggle thats easy as its listed on the Chrome Web Store. The ID is hbnncioglhbalkgbpbfhnmpihojjjcbi as found at the end of the URL and the update URL for all Chrome Web Store extensions is

Open up your GPO and go to Computer or User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Google\Google Chrome\Extensions.

|Setting|Value|About| |:------|:----|:----| |Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions|hbnncioglhbalkgbpbfhnmpihojjjcbi;|This is the extensions ID and the update URL seperated by a ;.|

Thats it! Swiggle Screen Cover will now be deployed and kept up to date automatically by Chrome.

As I mentioned in my last article I actually use my own intranet style page for the new-tab screen and it is not over-ridden by this extension which is a bonus.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

Adam Laycock

Adam Laycock

Network Manager, Developer & Blogger

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