Remove Guided Access Mode on an iPad

22nd December 2016

One of the jobs I get asked to do on a regular basis is remove guided access mode from the school iPads. If you don’t know about it guided access mode allows you to lock an iPad to a single app. It’s great in theory and some of my schools use it to keep the pupils on task but we occasionally get it turned on by pupils who don’t know what code they used. The big issue here is that if your iPad doesn’t have an unlock code guided access will start straight away with no ability to turn it off.

Remove Guided Access

The quickest way to remove guided access is to use find my iPad to put the device in lost mode. Once in lost mode, your iPad requires a passcode to unlock.

  1. Head over to iCloud.
  2. Login with the Apple account the iPad is bound to.
  3. Open Find iPhone.
  4. Find the iPad in your device list.
  5. Use Play sound on each iPad until you find the one in question.
  6. Hit lost mode and enter a code of your choice.
  7. Leave the phone number and message blank.
  8. The iPad will now be locked.
  9. Enter your lost mode code on the iPad.
  10. Open Settings, General, Accessibility, Guided Access and turn off Guided Access
  11. Open Settings, Passcode and turn off the passcode using your lost mode code.

Thats It!

Your iPad is now back to normal.