Jekyll Atom 1.2.0

1st March 2016

A new version of Jekyll-Atom has just been released!

This version adds some new syntax grammars to Atom to highlight Liquid tags and the YAML front matter.

The Grammars don’t define a massive amount they are essentially just pull in more than one grammar.

2 'begin': '---'
3 'end': '---'
4 'patterns': [
5 {
6 'include': 'source.yaml'
7 }
8 ]
Language js

This tells atom that inside --- and --- it should use the source.yaml grammar, then for XML and HTML we just include text.xml and text.html.basic respectively.

Lastly we include text.html.liquid from the language-liquid package. Jekyll-Atom will now warn you if this package is not installed.

JSON does not work anywhere near as well as HTML & XML due it being rather strict and marking most of the liquid tags as illegal characters (which is technically correct). I will revisit it in the future but for now we have partial liquid highlighting, front matter highlighting and that is it.

Jekyll-Atom now hits everything a package can do bar providing a service, making it the one stop shop for Jekyll! It has grown so much from my original package and has become an integral part of my workflow, this blog would not be what it is today without Jekyll-Atom.