Jekyll Atom 1.1.0

25th January 2016

Jekyll-Atom has just hit 1.1.0 and with this release comes some new features and adjustments to the current ones.

I outlined my ideas in the state of the universe and I think I have met them all with this update.


In 1.1.0 the config is a lot leaner favouring settings from _config.yml instead of settings in your editor. This enables settings per project which quite a few people had asked for.

Layouts Dir and Layouts Type are gone in favour of getting layouts_dir from _config.yml and guessing the type by finding a file with the name of your layout and opening it.

Posts Dir, draftsDir and Posts Type are gone as Jekyll doesn’t let you change them so they can be fixed in the code.

Includes Dir and Data Dir are gone in favour of getting includes_dir and data_dir respectively.

Build Command is now the default build command and you can override it in your sites _config.yml like so:

2 buildCommand:
3 - jekyll
4 - build
5 - --option
6 - --this
Language yaml

buildCommand is the only option in the atom namespace so far but its open to change as time goes on.

Under the hood

Big things have happened under the hood in this release. A massive re shuffle of the files and moving quite a few functions out into a Utils module.

All the commands are now in a wrapper that takes 3 options, the command to run, whether it needs to config loaded before it can run and whether it needs an active editor. This removes tonnes of duplication and makes everything a bit neater.

The draft commands now work reliably

Build Speed

As I mentioned in another post this is more to do with Jekyll than Jekyll-Atom. To summarise you can greatly increase the build speed by adding incremental: true to your _config.yml which enables an experimental feature in Jekyll 3+ that only builds the pages that have been modified, it falls over with post lists on other pages etc… but for drafting purposes its pretty good.

In Conclusion

1.1.0 is a big push forward that should make Jekyll-Atom a much more appealing package.

Any issues let me know in the github repository!