I'm Adam Laycock

A Network Manager & Developer

Working in Education.

My aim to share tools and resources for helping others.

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Windows Update for Business
14th March 2022

Using WUfB to deploy updates to domain members.

Deploying Swiggle Screen Cover
14th February 2020

Use a GPO to push the Swiggle Screen Cover to Chrome across the network

Setting Swiggle as the default search provider for Chrome
18th October 2019

Setting Chromes default search provider to Swiggle using the ADMX templates.


@kentcdodds @_jonesian @statelyai @lucywang000 Files can go infinitely in both directions, might as well use them...
about 6 hours ago
RT @NeilLimbrick: Members of @TheANME are reporting a noticeable increase in spam targeting schools this week.

A good time to remind your…
16 days ago
RT @TheANME: NW19 (North West Meeting 19) #ANME #NW19 is now open for members to register - why not sign up nice and early https://t.co/SHK…
19 days ago
@ryanflorence A big thing that comes up here in education is that we filter a lot of domains. I've had schools stop using software because it never loads. Underneath it just tried to parse a HTML block page as JSON and threw an error.
about 1 month ago
@kentcdodds You can run expensive operations once at build time. No need to think about caching the data etc...

I'd also say ease of hosting, no need to have a node process running anywhere just a plain old webserver.
about 1 month ago