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Windows Update for Business
14th March 2022

Using WUfB to deploy updates to domain members.

Deploying Swiggle Screen Cover
14th February 2020

Use a GPO to push the Swiggle Screen Cover to Chrome across the network

Setting Swiggle as the default search provider for Chrome
18th October 2019

Setting Chromes default search provider to Swiggle using the ADMX templates.


RT @TheANME: Please share! The #ANME is open to IT Support employed by UK schools, trusts, colleges & unis. Free to join, free to attend! W…
19 days ago
RT @TheANME: Our Summer meetings have drawn to a close with #SW07 today, massive thank you to all the members attending, all the sponsors f…
about 1 month ago
@EbuyerHelp @YodelOnline Thanks, I've DMd you.

I don't know what you'll be able to do as @YodelOnline now say it was delivered on monday (a lie) so I can't do anything on their website now. Just hope my array doesn't fail before they manage to perform basic jobs again.
about 2 months ago
@YodelOnline Is there anything @EbuyerHelp can do? Every day my RAID array is degraded is another day a second failure could brick it entirely. I doubt @YodelOnline will re-imburse me for the cost of downloading all my backups.
about 2 months ago
It's now a week since I was forced to change my @YodelOnline delivery to a collect from depot and every day it's been locked up. I get that your having a "cyber incident" but do you really need a computer to match the address on a box to a driving license?
about 2 months ago